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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

我以为。。。 =)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I need someone to hug me when i say I am fine but actually I am not.

Think of a song named "cry on my shoulder" suddenly. I need a shoulder now.

Friday, April 20, 2012



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I love myself!!!

LOL. I have left it here for months!!

promise to come back and sayang u ya, my blog blog. =)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friends and family

I dun think I can understand these words.

Love, what is that?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

ZIP.. alright?


Thursday, September 22, 2011



What have you done in holidays??

I have done many things in my sem break.

I am fully charged!!

Everyday of my sem break was fill with activities.

I have tried and learnt many in this sem break.

And of course, I did something I seldom do normally.

I feel really great for it.

Thanks for the people who help me to charge myself. XD

The second day of sem break I went to snow world in I-city.

It was awesome.

Freeze your toes and fingers up refresh my brain. I guess? XD

I have tried Chatime.

I know I am outdated.

Yet, I am addicted to it.


Always craving for this beverage..

I personally like rainbow jelly much. =D

Tried Levain. the Macaroon.

Which I dont think they were nice.

Not special too.


But this cake impressed me lots.

I love it. =)


I think cantoon-i and Dragon-i fans know about this right?

Lol. Im one of the Dragon-i fans.

But sorry to say, this is not nice as I thought. =)

Try this out by yourself to see whether is it nice. =D

Good luck!!

I had fever in this sem break.

Not only fever, flu+cough+a sickness that brought itchiness to me too.

my entire body gone red and itchy.

picture cant show clearly.

can u see something??

Someone treated me so well in that moment, thank you very much. =)

LYF is a person that doesnt scare of death I think..

She went to photoshoot when she was not recover at all.

Just the next day of the sickness.

With balloons. =)

It was taken on roadside. XD

I like this the most.


This dress is adorable, isn't it?

LYF in black and white. ^^

You should smile like me.

Laugh from the bottom of my heart..

For this shooting,

I got to thanks Lilian the first for bringing me to this shooting.

Next, 3 of the photographer.

-Jewei Mak
-Tony Wong
-Jack Yap

3 of them are friendly and cute.
Had fun time with them.

Hope to see them soon. =P

Well, Happy mid autumn festival!!

I know it is too late.

But then I cant blog for some reasons.

Someone bought me this.

It reminds me of many childhood memories.

I told this person that I had one like this when I was young.

And this person went and bought me this.

Isn't it nice??

Thank you, my friend. =)

It is traditionally lantern.

In decades, people couldn't get to see this kind of lantern anymore.

I must keep it well well well.

It is a smile.

I know it doesnt look like..

I am bad in ARTS.

But I still hope that you, who reading my blog will smile everyday.

Happy or not days still go on, why dont we choose happiness?



I went to work too. =)

opps!! Safety belt was not fasten. XD

Lastly, I enjoyed eyes mask too.


As i sleep and stay up late most of the time in sem break.

Thus, hydrating my skin is a must.


I did mask for face too..

but then. haha. very ugly.

Thats all for this post!!

Stay Tuned!!!!!

I watched mostly all the movies.

Johnny english reborn, the smurfs, nasi lemak and bla bla bla. dont remember.

It helps me to calm my brain lots.

I suggested Johnny English to you. It was indeed fun.


All the best to you =)


Ohyea. My result was great. I am so happy. Thank god. =)